On the spatial structure of architectonic objects

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This book is the fruit of more than forty years of my research connected with the description, analysis, comparison and systematisation of architectonic forms in

terms of space. This research began in the 70s and first culminated in the thesis which established me as an assistant professor. Its title was “On the spatial structure

of works of architecture: the methodological principles of description, analysis and systematisation of spatial arrangements”. It was published in 1979 in

Zeszyty naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej w Gliwicach (The Scientific Bulletin of the Technical University in Gliwice). In the following years, I continued my research

into the subject with various levels of intensity which resulted in several publications (Niezabitowski, 2004, 2005, 2009). These were mainly articles and conference

lectures. The main plot – the structure of space in architecture and its hypothetical universality never ceased to appear throughout the research and, along the way, was enriched by new methodological approaches. (...)

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Autor: Andrzej Maciej Niezabitowski

ISBN   978-83-7164-480-1
Wymiary  160x235 mm
Liczba stron  556
Rok wydania  2018

1. Introduction to the research of spatial structure in architecture.

Research assumptions and notes on methodology


2. Introduction to the descriptive theory of architectonic space.

Introductory remarks


3. The first level of analysis of spatial arrangements. The substantial analysis


4.The second level of spatial analysis. Morphology of space in

architecture: the fundamental elements of space and their features


5.The third level of analysis of architectonic space. The syntax –

articulation of void, surface, solid and interior


6. Basis of the general systematisation of spatial arrangements in architecture


7. Exemplary analysis of the spatial system of a chosen architectonic

object. A case study


8. Conclusion